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Surrey scaffolding alarms

scaffold alarm system hire

Scaffolding Alarms UK (part of the family-owned and run Property Security Group Limited, offer affordable scaffolding alarms right across Surrey - for just £99 per week*

These are not just PIR Sensors. We install solar or battery powered systems with visual verification cameras.

We monitor the cameras 24hrs outside of working hours and rapidly receive video clips of what has activated the cameras. Control Room staff can then assess the threat and can:

1. reset the system if a bird or piece of flapping plastic has set the alarm off

2. if trespassers are on site, can activate the 110db siren and powerful strobe for a few seconds - this usually does the trick and they usually leave site very quickly

3. if trespassers remain on site, we can call your designated keyholders. If you do not have one locally, we can obtain quotes for a local security keyholding company for you so that they respond

4. if the trespassers start to try and break-in, start vandalising the premises or commit any criminal act on camera, we will call Police for assistance

There is no minimum hire period for scaffolding companies.

How much does a scaffolding alarm cost?

* Rental for a typical scaffolding alarm of 6 - 8 cameras with a siren, monitored 24hrs remotely is £99 per week. There is an installation and commissioning charge of £180 and further £80 collection and removal fee at the end of the hire period. All prices are subject to VAT and are invoiced monthly on strict 30-day terms.

We will be pleased to quote for larger or more complex systems.

Just give us a call on 01256 831 838

All services are subject to survey and there being an adequate mobile phone cell service.

Surrey scaffolding alarm hire
scaffold alarm security camera hire
scaffolding alarm warning sign
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