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Church Scaffolding Alarms

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At Scaffolding Alarms UK, we believe that your Church and property should be remain secure during building works.
That’s why we provide the most reliable and cutting edge scaffolding alarm security camera systems available on the market.
Our systems are designed to provide 24-hour surveillance and protection of your property, regardless of the presence of scaffolding. Our solutions are tailored to each customer’s individual needs, so you can rest assured that your property is safe.

Security for Scaffolding on Churches

The presence of scaffolding on any building can seriously compromise security, nowhere more than on churches where no-one is on site overnight and thieves can hide from public view.

Scaffolding Alarms UK have a solution to give property managers peace of mind with solar/battery powered wireless, PIR-activated, security cameras with 24hr monitoring. These range from single CCTV cameras through to 10-camera systems with a 110db siren and strobe to deter intruders from remaining on site.

Once intruders are observed on site, the 24hr Control Room would call keyholders, any local security company alarm response company engaged to look after the property and Police.

Security for Unoccupied Churches

With a proactive approach much can be done to protect vacant Church property so they remain a valuable asset for future congregations, development or sale. Scaffolding Alarms UK temporary security camera and CCTV systems hire, with 24hr remote monitoring, can give you peace of mind.

The potential threats to unoccupied churches include:

  •   Arson attack

  •   Vandalism including malicious damage and graffiti

  •   Theft of lead roofs, building materials and contents

  •   Squatters and traveller occupation


There may also be a risk of personal injury intruders, vandals or children who may be attracted to the building through curiosity. Whilst the premises need to kept safe for both lawful and unlawful visitors alike, deterring unauthorised trespassers from coming onto site or remaining on the premises, especially in the hours of darkness, is critical.

Scaffolding Alarms for Churches
Scaffold Alarm Security Camera Hire
Security for Church Building Works

Scaffolding Alarm Hire from Property Security Group Limited (PSG)

Scaffolding Alarms UK (a division of family-owned and run Property Security Group Limited) offer high quality and competitively priced scaffold alarms and temporary construction site security camera systems hire across the UK, inclusive of 24hr monitoring, at just £99 per week for a 10 camera system or £25pw for a single CCTV PTZ camera.

Church building works scaffolding alarms deter and detect unauthorised access to the property, the theft of expensive materials, graffiti vandals, freerunners, arsonists, intruders and wanton vandalism.

These reliable security camera systems are solar/battery powered, wireless, PIR-activated and monitored 24hrs remotely. They do not require electricity, telephone, wi-fi or broadband connections.

There is no minimum hire period. All prices are subject to VAT and are invoiced monthly on strict 30-day terms. In addition to the weekly rental there is a modest installation/commissioning charge at commencement and collection/removal charge at end of hire – please ask for a quotation.


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